Restorative Justice in Schools

Course: Restorative Justice in Schools

Audience: K-12 teachers and administrators
Method: Online
Duration: 3 and a half weeks

Restorative justice is a powerful approach to discipline that focuses on repairing harm through inclusive processes that engage all stakeholders. Implemented well, restorative justice shifts the focus of discipline from punishment to learning. Attend this course to gain a richer understanding of how to use restorative justice practices in your school. Students will be provided reading material and video lectures and meet once a week online to develop strategies to use restorative justice practices to help students succeed.

A Note on Course Credit

This course is not being offered for credit on its own. However, individuals who successfully complete two of the course offerings listed below and then enroll in the Educational Leadership (Master of Science) program will be awarded 3 credit hours toward their EDL degree.

Complete two: