The Resilient Educator

Course: The Resilient Educator: Preventing Teacher Burnout

Audience: K-12 teachers and administrators
Method: Online courseonline icon for Creighton University
Duration: 4 weeks

Teaching is a demanding profession. Now, more than ever, teachers are being asked to prepare their students for higher achievement, while taking on greater workloads with fewer resources. This can take a toll on personal well-being, and the stress can lead to teacher burnout. Burnout is an acute challenge in the first years of teaching, and even veteran teachers facing new, higher demands are at risk.

The Resilient Educator: Preventing Teacher Burnout will look at the unique requirements of teaching at the primary and secondary levels and focus on bringing balance to both work life and home life.

A Note on Course Credit

This course is not being offered for credit on its own. However, individuals who successfully complete two of the course offerings listed below and then enroll in Creighton’s Integrative Health and Wellness program will be awarded 3 credit hours toward their IHW degree.

Complete two: