Quick Changeover

Course: Quick Changeover

in person instructor ledAudience: Executives, Managers, Supervisors
Method: Instructor-led course
Duration: 1 day

This course covers the basic tools and a systematic process for applying an objective and measurable reduction in losses to critical resources due to changing from one product to another.

In Lean, quick changeover or setup reduction is the process of reducing lost time. This course will review the benefits of setup reduction to maximize quality and capacity. With the market increasingly demanding more customized products & services, leaders are finding that mastering quick changeover is essential to an organization’s survival. Similar to other lean tools, the concept started as single-minute exchange of dies (SMED). Its purpose was to maximize existing capital investment by understanding a key loss of capacity occurred when changing from one product to another. SMED, also known as quick changeover, requires a commitment from the entire organization. Key requirements for SMED success are planning and preparation, including value-stream mapping, an organization-wide implementation team, and extensive employee training. This course integrates a team approach, visuals and focuses on implementing low cost and no cost solutions first. From manufacturing to health care, all operations with heavy capital investment will realize significant additional capacity and reduced costs.


By reducing setup time toward Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), more setups can be completed each day. This technique can be applied in any enterprise that does more than one thing.