New Professionals Leadership Seminar

Course: New Professionals Leadership Seminar

in person instructor ledAudience: Aspiring leaders
Method: In-person Instructor-led
Duration: 4 hours

Are you a new professional with a desire for leadership within your organization or seeking to develop leadership skills?

The New Professionals Leadership Seminar is a leadership development workshop specifically designed for professionals just beginning their careers. This seminar connects real-life leadership situations with a self-assessment of one’s leadership competencies across four dimensions (knowledge, values, ability and behavior), all while using the principles of emotional intelligence as a foundation. After completing a nationally normed assessment tool, participants will engage in reflection, case study discussions and small group activities. Throughout, they’ll examine the critical connection between a leader’s emotions and their developing leadership style. Although participants will complete a self-assessment of 60 leadership competencies across eight dimensions, the workshop specifically expands on the personal behavior, communication, civic responsibility and strategic planning dimensions of leadership. After completing the program, participants will be better prepared to identify, diagnose and navigate the complexities of leadership. 

Specifically, participants will:

  • Learn techniques for managing leadership situations, particularly as they relate to interacting with others, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, and becoming aware of the context surrounding leadership challenges
  • Identify specific areas of focus for their personal leadership development
  • Fully understand how their emotions impact their ability to be effective leaders in both professional and personal settings
  • Learn how to recognize the feelings of others and use this perspective to manage their relationships in a leadership environment