Managing Projects, Part 2: Applying the Fundamentals

Course: Managing Projects, Part 2: Applying the Fundamentals

Audience: Executives, Managers, Professionals, Supervisors
Delivery: Instructor-led course and online hybrid course
Credits: 1.5 credit hours

Building on Managing Projects, Part 1 – Understanding the Fundamentals, Managing Projects, Part 2: Applying the Fundamentals provides the opportunity to apply various tools and techniques to plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project via a project simulation. You will focus on practice and application. Students work in teams to approach a complex project management scenario and take a project from initiation through closing using a tailored approach that integrates the various topics covered in both courses and allows for direct application of tools and techniques.

This course incorporates the use of experiential learning including hands-on activities and group exercises to create various project documents, tools, and artifacts to achieve measurable objectives, identify and manage project scope, estimate project time and costs, manage resource requirements and assignments, determine work required and task dependencies, and monitor and control project execution.

This course is aligned with the industry-leading standard in project management worldwide, the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK® Guide), and focuses on the five process groups, ten knowledge areas, and 47 associated processes in the PMBOK® Guide. Collectively, these components serve as a guideline when developing a project management “toolbox” and creating a tailored approach to guide a project to successful completion. This course is intended as a practical approach to the discipline of project management, while still introducing participants to the basics including time-proven processes, tools, and techniques that are applicable to many project management methodologies. Emphasis is placed on communication, collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability.

Cross-listed as MBA 502, ITM 502

Your application to the Creighton Graduate School, Heider College of Business is embedded in the course the registration process. You can leverage your education and earn a Badge or Certificate in Project Management and these credits apply towards Creighton’s MBA or MS-BIA graduate degrees. If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, this course is cross-listed as a graduate/undergraduate course, but it is highly recommended that students have several years of working experience and prior business-related coursework before taking this course.


    Participants gain a practical experience applying and integrating knowledge areas and process in project management. Assessing situations for alternative project management approaches will be applied and tested allowing participants to reflect and determine the best approaches for application.


    • Creating & devising project plans, budgets and Gantt charts and reconstructing them to solve problems and the unknown becomes known during project execution
    • Formulate and implement project plans retaining and delivering the stakeholder value
    • Critically evaluate current conditions and hypothesize future scenarios to devise plans to protect and assure stakeholder value
    • Explain, relate, describe and predict aspects of the project to the team (internal stakeholders) and the customers, suppliers, government, neighbors, etc. (external stakeholders)
    • Assess the results of teamwork by comparing the plan to actual results
    • Select processes for team engagement and involvement appropriate for the communication venue
    • Plan and communicate a team stakeholder & engagement using the responsibility assessment matrix
    • Develop budgets and track actual from the foundation of a WSB
    • Select the appropriate people and create team processes and environment that assures rational resource/skill assignments and people development and team dynamics.
    • Integrate and rationalize trade-offs between opportunities competing for scarce resources in planning and execution

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