Leadership Defined

Course: Leadership Defined

Audience: Executives, managers, professionals, supervisors
Method: Online or in-person
Duration: 4 hours

Why do organizations look and act the way they do? What roles do an organization’s internal characteristics (its strategy, culture, etc.) and external environment (its competitors, the government, technological changes, etc.) play in these processes? This course defines culture and the difference in embracing values/goals and enacting them.

Topics include:

1. What are Organizations and Why Do They Matter?

2. Nine Principles for Service and Operational Excellence

  • Commit to excellence
  • Measure the important things
  • Build a culture around service
  • Create and develop leaders
  • Focus on employee satisfaction
  • Build individual accountability
  • Align behavior with values and goals
  • Communicate at all levels
  • Recognize and reward success

3. Comprehensive Model of Motivation

  • Valences (explained by need theories and personal preference)
  • Instrumentality (learning, social learning, behavior modification)
  • Expectancy (review self-efficacy, core self-evaluation)
  • Ability (experience, too)
  • Accuracy of role perception (goal setting)
  • Desire to perform, effort and eventual performance

4. Leadership Excellence

  • Model the way
  • Inspire a shared vision
  • Challenge the process
  • Enable others to act
  • Encourage the heart