Introduction to ERM Governance

Course: Introduction to ERM Governance

Audience: Officers, directors and board members who seek better understanding of the governance and oversight role within an enterprise risk management model. Individuals who also have oversight roles in organizations and individuals pursuing a CRO career would also benefit from this workshop.
Method: In-person instructor-led
Duration: Half-day

Attend this workshop to gain a better understanding of your potential risk oversight roles and responsibilities.


In this course, we’ll cover:

  • The roles and responsibilities for board members of ERM organizations
  • Understanding risk audits and taking responsibility for needed resulting actions
  • An overview of organizational ERM tools and methods
  • The role of key metrics for ERM reporting and management
  • Identifying and quantifying organizational risks
  • How strategic planning integrates with ERM governance
  • How committees and boards of directors engage within ERM system models

Scheduled Classes

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