Introduction to Crisis Planning and Enterprise Communications

Course: Introduction to Crisis Planning and Enterprise Communications

Audience: Officers, directors, board members and executive managers who are responsible for leading departments/areas and potentially speaking for the organization with media in a time of crisis. Communication directors, public relations coordinators, heads of security and human resource individuals will also find benefit in this workshop. 
Method: In-person instructor-led
Duration: Half-day

It seems that every week there’s a company in crisis. In the news, we see organizations beset by social media and the press for some violation or offense. However, the response to the event itself is where most organizations fail to measure up. As a result, stock prices get crushed, brand image gets destroyed, executives get fired and the board gets exposed.

In today’s world of the 24/7 news cycle and social media, responding properly to crisis situations may be the most likely catastrophic event an organization will realistically face. Whether a crisis can be predicted or it’s unexpected, the organization’s response and communication should occur according to a predetermined plan.


This workshop is designed to introduce and explore the topic of crisis planning and communication both internal and external to the organization. This is an introductory exposure to:

  • Crisis planning
  • Enterprise communication
  • The areas of potential risk
  • Organizational media communication needs.

The full graduate course (MBA 724) and Executive Certificate is where organizational plans are more fully developed.

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