Happiness in the Workplace

Course: Happiness in the Workplace

Audience: Executives, managers, professionals, supervisors 
In-person Instructor-led
Duration: Half day

Research shows that people who have high well-being and strong resiliency are often happier and more productive, both at work and at home. This class will focus on strategies for improving or maintaining levels of resiliency and well-being—a term that encompasses physical, social and emotional health—both at the individual and supervisory levels. In this interactive presentation, participants will develop an actionable plan for focusing on their well-being and resiliency, as well as leading others to do the same. 

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the core tenants of well-being and resilience and their connection to work performance
  • Explore how well-being and resiliency contribute to overall happiness, as well as happiness in the workplace
  • Discover ways to improve your own well-being and resiliency
  • Learn how to encourage well-being and resiliency in employees
  • Develop a plan for improving well-being and resiliency on an individual level
  • Put together a plan to help employees improve these areas