Grant Writing

Course: Grant Writing

Audience: Health care providers, educators, nonprofit fundraisers, others seeking grants
Method: Varies per course
Duration: Varies per course

Whether you’re part of an educational, health care or other non-profit entity, understanding grant writing can help you make the most of this funding source. Learn the ins and outs of grant writing with our courses.

Grant Writing Course Offerings

An Introduction to Grant Writing

Method: In-person Instructor-led
Duration: 3 hours
With the grant process becoming more competitive and funding less available, you’ll need to be creative in researching, program development and networking. This session will provide a practical and engaged approach to grant writing. Throughout the course, participants will bring their own ideas and begin to explore how those ideas would fit into a grant proposal. Sample grants will be provided. Additionally, an occupational therapist who has been through the process of searching, writing and implementing local and federal funding will discuss lessons learned.

Grant Writing

Method: Online
Duration: 4 weeks
In this course, students will explore the practice of grant writing. Participants will learn grant writing terminology and techniques plus explore best practices for finding a request for proposals that matches their grant ideas. Additionally, students will learn how to construct all the portions required for a grant application, including the grant narrative, budget and evaluation plan, and plan for the sustainability of a project beyond the grant funding period.

Grant Writing and Other Funding Strategies for Victim Service Providers

Method: In-person Instructor-led
Duration: 4 hours
Sustainability is a core issue for all victim service organizations, and federal grants and other funding resources can provide support as well as opportunities for innovation. This training is designed for professionals working in victim service organizations that rely at least in part on grant funding. You’ll learn to identify grant opportunities, write successful proposals and navigate the federal funding process. You’ll also explore the basics of grant management and see a walk-through of federal funding websites. Participants will get to practice working with scenarios and a sample case study.