ERP and Lean Basics

Course: ERP and Lean Basics

Audience: Experienced Executives, Managers, Professionals & Supervisors in Operations
Method: Instructor-led course
Length: 2 days

This course dives into the basics of ERP and Lean basics including the process related to ERP, ERP system transactions, production, and scheduling, among other related topics. For any experienced executive, the ERP and Lean Basics course will be immensely beneficial in explaining the importance of ERP and in learning practical methods to integrate ERP and DRP with Lean Enterprise Basics.  This will provide some practical tools to leverage ERP to generate electronic Kanban signals across a supply chain, manage supply chain lead time in planning and execution, and reduce supply chain inventory to needed levels instead of just-in-case levels. 


These skills allow participants to make their organization run more efficiently and eliminate waste.