Emotional and Social Intelligence

Course: Emotional and Social Intelligence

Audience: Sales professionals, recruiters, supervisors, managers, other professionals
Method: In-person Instructor-led
Duration: Half day

Research has shown that high IQ is not the lone determinant for success in business. In fact, high performers have an extra special something else that has now been identified as “Emotional and Social Intelligence” or EI for short. So, it really takes the use of both parts of our brains and the ability to use our logical side to help guide our emotional side.

What is emotional and social intelligence (EI) and what does it have to do with our work environment? How can having high EI translate into better relationships and improved performance? All of these questions and much more will be covered in this interactive training workshop. 

Focus of this Workshop

This workshop, “Emotional and Social Intelligence: Better Relationships / Exceptional Outcomes” will provide the fundamental information and practical tools necessary for you to develop better working relationships, reduce consternation in the workplace, and leverage the innate and unique characteristics of your team members, colleagues, and supervisors to build a high performing team and build value for your organization. 

This half-day session is designed to provide participants information and practice in understanding, the benefits of developing and employing high social and emotional intelligence in the workplace to build better relationships and improve performance. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify different emotions and discuss the “emotional brain.”
  • Define emotional and social intelligence (EI) and its components.
  • Differentiate what IS and IS NOT emotional and social intelligence.
  • Discuss the value of EI as it relates to relationships, performance, and leadership.
  • Assess EI and discuss ways to develop greater EI and leverage its power.
  • Participate in group discussions, team activities and individual exercises to analyze and apply ideas, tools, and techniques.
  • Create a sustainable “Action Plan” to identify, develop and apply EI in personal and professional settings.

Scheduled Classes

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