Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders Certification

in person instructor ledAudience: Managers, Professionals, Supervisors
Method: In-person Instructor-led course
Length: 5 days

Organizations understand that professionals armed with a sense of business acumen not only promote individual growth, but ultimately give their organization a competitive advantage. This program, complemented with perseverance and strategy, can ensure a successful and profitable future for the organization. The program will be delivered in a modular format and can be offered over a 5-day schedule. Each module will be facilitated by a different instructor/faculty member: one who is a subject matter expert in the topic being taught.

The Business Acumen for Emerging Leaders Certification program will be held 2-3 times annually with 20-25 participants attending each program offering. Each participant will be awarded 3 credit hours through Creighton University.

This is a series of ten workshops scheduled in sequence to satisfy the Business Acumen for Emerging Leaders Certification. Some outside reading and preparation is required.

Series Sessions

Leadership Development & Business Strategy

Participants will:

  • Leadership defined.
  • Understand evidence-based models for effective leadership.
  • What is the Mission of the organization and how well do you match up?
  • Understand how organizational environment influences individual performance and decision making.
  • Learn how to improve time management and workflow.

Marketing Management

Participants will:

  • Review marketing and sales within organization and basic concepts of marketing.
  • Understand branding and its importance in successful messaging.
  • Realize the impact of social marketing, Internet, and the media.
  • Understand key relationships within Marketing.
  • What are your Key Performance Indicators?

Professional Business Writing

Participants will:

  • Understand and assess the appropriate medium of communication.
  • Learn the five steps of business writing.
  • Write an effective email for the appropriate business context.
  • Learn guidelines for writing well-developed paragraphs and clear, concise, correct sentences.
  • Understanding how to communicate for results in your writing.


Participants will:

  • Understand supply and demand of the business.
  • Understand a firm’s profits and pricing.
  • Review the fundamentals of a macro and micro economy.
  • Learn why ROI is important to any organization.

Bridge the Gap - Team Building Simulation

Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of organizational culture.
  • Learn how to foster an environment of trust.
  • Discover ways to achieve mutually beneficial results.
  • Build cross functional, ad hoc or in-tact work teams for the overall success of the organization.
  • Realize the adverse impact of behaviors associated with a “me” mentality.

Collaboration, Feedback, Coaching

Participants will:

  • Understand how to foster a collaborative environment.
  • Understand how to effectively use personal sources of power to influence others.
  • Understand best practices for providing feedback and coaching.
  • Diagnose employee motivation and plan to improve motivation.
  • Learn ways to help change employee attitudes and performance.

Accounting & Financial Management

Participants will:

  • Learn risk management within finance.
  • Understand the importance of capital planning within your organization.
  • Work with annuities and investments.
  • Understand what is being measured by a set of audited financial statements.
  • Begin to read and comprehend a multiple-step income statement.
  • Be introduced to a Statement of Comprehensive Income, a Statement of Stockholders’ Equity [or Statement of Retained Earnings], and a Statement of Cash Flows.

Business Ethics

Participants will:

  • Understanding how ethics, values, and leader integrity drive decision making.
  • Learn the causes of moral failure.
  • Identify the strategies for moral leadership.
  • Learn ways of ‘staying in shape’ ethically speaking.

Scheduled Classes

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