Dynamics of Conflict Resolution

Course: Dynamics of Conflict Resolution

in person instructor ledAudience(s): Executives, Managers, Professionals, Supervisors
Method: Instructor-led course
Length: 3 days

In order to resolve conflict effectively, it is imperative to have a full understanding of conflict dynamics. In this course, the Creighton Business Institute draws lessons from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, and communication to provide a panoramic view of the nature and dynamics of conflict and conflict resolution.

This course addresses the nature, meaning and dynamics of conflict and the challenges of communication in interpersonal, inter-group and intra-group settings, with particular attention on the thinking process that drives the practice of successful conflict resolution.


With a more solid understanding of the nature of conflict, participants of this course will be more effective communicators with active listening and constructive framing skills to use to resolve conflict in their organizations.

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