Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Refresh Workshop

Course: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Refresh Workshop

Audience: Professionals, executives, risk managers and administrators in every industry
Method: Online
Duration: 3 weeks (asynchronous)

The Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Refresh Workshop is designed to provide organization leaders, risk managers and executives a comprehensive approach to developing or updating their DRBC plans. This six-part online webinar workshop series will include topics such as:

  • Threat analysis: Understand what threats exist within your organization and to your organization.
  • Asset protection planning: Develop a clear understanding of what assets you have any how to protect them.
  • Backup protection: Develop a backup plan for your critical infrastructure, power and data.
  • Response planning: Understand how to respond to the threats and protect your assets.
  • Recovery planning: Understand how to recover from a crisis and continue to operate post-crisis.

This workshop will allow participants to take away two fundamental and tangible tools to help them build their business continuity planning efforts within their organizations.

Custom Business Continuity Plan Blueprint – Students will walk away from this course with a business continuity plan template to develop with their organizations.

DRBC Table-Top Exercise – Students will develop a table-top exercise as part of this course that they can use in their own organizations.