Database Management Systems

Course: Database Management Systems

Online courseAudience: Executives, Managers, Professionals, Supervisors
Method: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

Organizations must manage their data resources effectively in order to remain competitive. The efficient design, deployment, use and management of database systems requires an understanding of the fundamentals of database management systems, techniques for the design of databases and principles of database administration. This course emphasizes the fundamentals of database modeling, design, and development, the languages and utilities provided by database management systems, and the techniques for implementing and managing database systems. Although primary emphasis will be on relational database management systems, the object-oriented and distributed models will also be examined.


  • Exhibit disciplinary knowledge in business intelligence and analytics
  • Think critically to aid decision making
  • Communicate professionally
  • Commit to action that demonstrates care for others
  • Exhibit personal habits consistent with leadership formation