Crucial Conversations

Course: Crucial Conversations

Audience(s): Executives, Managers, Supervisors
Method: VitalSmarts® Certified Crucial Conversations® Instructor-led Course
Length: 2 days

Crucial Conversations® is a two-day course (MBA779) that teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by promoting open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics—at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), one will begin to surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on decisions with unity and commitment. In this practical and interactive learning session, wparticipants will learn to converse more effectively with their colleagues. In partnership with VitalSmarts®, we have locally certified Crucial Conversations® instructors that are ready to work with your team. Participants will learn how to create alignment, manage disagreement and keep business conversations concise while encouraging spirited dialogue and creative thinking.


This course provides participants with a foundation tool set for communication of your leadership vision in practical and collaborative language.

What Does Crucial Conversations® Training Teach?

Crucial Conversations teaches participants how to:

  • Speak persuasively, not abrasively
  • Foster teamwork and better decision making
  • Build acceptance rather than resistance
  • Resolve individual and group disagreements

Who Needs Crucial Conversations® Training?

Does your organization suffer from taboo topics, deference, disagreement, analysis paralysis, information hoarding, office politics or alienation? Is your organization battling declining productivity, safety violations, low morale, reduced quality, poor customer satisfaction or other bottom-line concerns? Then you, your team, or your organization needs Crucial Conversations® Training. Fortune 500 organizations around the world have turned to the award-winning Crucial Conversations® Training to improve bottom-line results like quality, efficiency, satisfaction, safety, etc. Results include:

  • Productivity & Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Relationships
  • Performance

Scheduled Classes

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