Busting BlindSpots

Course: Busting BlindSpots

Audiences: Executives, Managers, Professionals, Supervisors
Method: Instructor-led course
Length: 90 Minutes

People are basically good and know what is right, but sometimes things get in the way of our commitment to ethics. BlindSpots refer to the psychological tendencies that blind us to right decision and right action. These BlindSpots are part of our psychology and often serve useful purposes, but they can also cause us to waver in our commitment to ethical action. This workshop will explore five of the most common BlindSpots in organizations. Participants will practice spotting BlindSpots in ethics scenarios and brainstorm ways to “see through” their own BlindSpots.


In this course, participants will:

  • Discover why good people sometimes make bad choices
  • Examine and analyze psychological BlindSpots through examples
  • Assess and identify BlindSpots in real life ethics scenarios
  • Develop ways to overcome BlindSpots