Bridge the Gap

Course: Bridge the Gap

Audience: Executives, managers, professionals, supervisors
Method: Online or in-person
Length: 4 hours

The Bridge the Gap course will help you build unity within your organization. Within any organization, there are customers and suppliers. People often struggle to see the entire system in their own “job” and the immediate needs of their departments. They miss seeing their vital role within the entire organizational team. The external results are: compromised quality, reduced productivity, reduced capacity and wanting customer service.

Bridge the Gap actively demonstrates how communication and collaboration are the cornerstones to consensus and a dynamic work environment. To reach this optimum atmosphere, teams must demolish outdated grudges and damaging suspicions. Bridge the Gap shatters perceptions and preconceived notions to demonstrate the power of collaborating in an organizational team. You will be surprised as you acquire and sharpen skills in result-focused teamwork, objective and data-driven collaboration, and open and productive communication, all with an eye to achieving the ultimate goal–becoming united as one people.

The gaps have been exposed and the learning journey has begun. It is time to address how the gaps from the exercise relate to the gaps in your organization. Do you have an idea of these shortcomings? We can recommend a specific course, such as focusing on conflict resolution, effective communication or working in a diverse environment, to correct these limitations. Do you need help identifying your specific needs? Bridge the Gap will reveal the areas we can then help you address.

Sharpen communication and collaboration skills to become a unified work team. Realize the adverse impact of behaviors associated with a “me” mentality and acquire a better process to begin to make a “we” perspective possible.