Body Language, Communication, and Professional Excellence

Course: Body Language, Communication, and Professional Excellence

Audience: Executives, managers, professionals, supervisors
Method: Online or in-person
Duration: 4 hours

Body language and facial expressions play a tremendous role in all communication interactions. The ways individuals use their bodies to communication or support a message has a direct impact on how people perceive each other, the messages received, and the ways in which people relate to each other in personal and public interactions. In this session, we will discuss the various types of body language (nonverbal communication), the different functions of body language, and why body language is important in a variety of communication acts.

One of four courses in the communication badge


  • Identify different forms/types of body language/nonverbal communication
  • Describe the different functions of body language
  • Explain the importance of body language in impression management, conversation management, and other communication acts