All Learning is Social Emotional Learning

Course: All Learning is Social Emotional Learning

Audience: K-12 teachers and administrators
Method: Online
Duration: 4 weeks

Social emotional learning is getting a lot of attention due to the emphasis in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), but what is SEL and how can schools make sure this type of learning is being addressed? Attend this course and get answers to these questions and more. Participants will learn techniques and strategies for promoting a healthy and vibrant culture for all students. You’ll meet online once a week to cover SEL-related topics, and participants will also be provided pertinent reading materials and video lectures. In the end, educators will come away with a deeper understanding of how to address the SEL needs of the diverse populations they serve.

A Note on Course Credit

This course is not being offered for credit on its own. However, individuals who successfully complete two of the course offerings listed below and then enroll in the Educational Leadership (Master of Science) program will be awarded 3 credit hours toward their EDL degree.

Complete two: