Technology and Communication at Work: Speaking

Course: Technology and Communication at Work: Speaking

Audience: Executives, managers, professionals, supervisors
Method: Online or in-person
Duration: 4 hours

Organizations are increasingly transferring traditional face-to-face methods of communication to an online format, but expecting the quality of those interactions to be excellent. However, many people and organizations struggle to develop professional presentations using online features while effectively communicating with their clients. Additionally, speaking in front of others causes many speakers a higher level of anxiety. In this session, we will discuss conducting online interactions, conducting business meetings, presenting to an online audience, and analyzing methods of overcoming public speaking anxiety.

One of four courses in the communication badge


  • Analyze the methods of online communication essential to the organization.
  • Explain components of a professional presentation.
  • Identify and evaluate the various types and causes of speech anxiety.
  • Discuss the challenges presented by online communication.