Technology and Communication at Work: Online Messages

Course: Technology and Communication at Work: Online Messages

Audience: Executives, managers, professionals, supervisors
Method: Online or in-person
Duration: 4 hours

Companies use many forms of communication to conduct routine business. However, email and digital communication has largely become the primary method of contact. The distinction for organizations in using such technology effectively, is the ability to develop messages with impact, to share messages appropriate to the audience in addition to the occasion, and establish professional excellence. This session will focus on developing quality emails, press releases, proposals, digital cover letters, resumes, and collaborating with colleagues in an online format.

One of four courses in the communication badge


  • Identify the expected and anticipated methods of online communication within the organization.
  • Explain professional etiquette attached to methods of communicating in an online format.
  • Define methods of achieving quality message structure, clarity, and presentation.
  • Develop cohesive team building strategies through online messages.