Structural Injustice

Course: Structural Injustice

Online courseAudience: Anyone interested in effecting change within their organization or the community at large.
Method: Online
Duration: 7 weeks

The Structural Injustice course will provide you with a deep understanding of what structural injustice actually means and how it manifests in specific contexts. The class explores systemic injustices including race, gender and socioeconomic inequality in the contexts of education, housing, workplace structure and processes of democracy such as voting.

By the completion of the course, students will:

  • Develop motivation and capacity to connect through personal stories across human difference
  • Become aware of how various academic disciplines address diverse human identities
  • Understand systemic and structural social and institutional/legal contexts of current demographic changes
  • Critically apply interdisciplinary paradigms and perspectives to social conflicts involving demographic change
  • Become familiar with and practice concrete strategies for individuals working as change agents for social justice
  • Describe connections between demographics, disciplinary perspectives and personal experience
  • Analyze a current example of social injustice related to demographics through various disciplinary lenses
  • Connect understanding of diverse human identities and systems and structures of justice and injustice to personal experience