Introduction to Negotiation and Conflict Engagement

Course: Introduction to Negotiation and Conflict Engagement

Method: Online
Length: 7 weeks (3 credits)

This course introduces students to the field of conflict engagement. It presents theoretical explanations of the causes of conflict and leads students to an identification and understanding of their response to and style of conflict engagement. There is a focus on explaining and distinguishing between a broad range of conflict engagement processes including negotiation, mediation, and facilitation, so that students will be able to apply the appropriate process to various types of conflict that they may encounter in their lives and practice. 

Badges and Certificates

Intro to Negotiation and Conflict Resolution is one of two courses that together lead to the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Fundamentals badge.

It is also one of five courses in the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate and also in the Healthcare Collaboration and Conflict Management Graduate Certificate.