Ignatian Student Leadership

Ignatian Student Leadership Seminar Course

in person instructor led

Audience: High school students
Method: In-person Instructor-led

With a foundation in emotional intelligence, the Ignatian Student Leadership Seminar (ISLS) is dedicated to helping shape strong, conscientious leaders. We invite all Omaha-area high schools to partner with us to bring this program to their students.

The leadership development program begins with a self-assessment of participants’ leadership competencies across four dimensions (knowledge, values, ability and behavior). The next step is to connect that assessment with real-life leadership situations.

The activities in the program lead students through an examination of the critical connection between a leader’s emotions and their developing leadership style. With an intentional focus on self, others and context, participants will be better prepared to identify, diagnose and navigate the complexities of leadership.

How the program works

Because ISLS is adapted from material taught in semester-long graduate and undergraduate courses, it can be structured in many different ways, but it typically has three separate elements that works together: the Student Leadership Competencies (SLC) assessment, a series of workshops and a capstone Youth Leadership Symposium held on Creighton’s campus.

  1. SLC assessment. To start, all participants complete this online assessment to help identify their level of proficiency in 64 leadership characteristics spread over eight dimensions: learning and reasoning, self-awareness and development, interpersonal interaction, personal behavior, group dynamics, civic responsibility, communication, and strategic planning.

    In the ISLS program, we’ll focus on these specific competency areas measured by the assessment: initiative, ethics, personal values, empathy, organizational behavior, power dynamics, mission, problem solving, listening and conflict negotiation.
  2. Workshops. We typically work with partner schools to schedule four separate sessions, offered on their campus, spread out over 2 to 3 months. Each 60- to 90-minute session focuses on specific leadership characteristics and includes presentation, discussion, activity and reflection. Working with your school’s schedule, these sessions can be early morning, afternoons or evenings. The same content can be also be presented as a weekend or retreat workshop.
  3. Youth Leadership Symposium. The third element of ISLS, the Youth Leadership Symposium brings all workshop participants to Creighton for a day-long capstone event held in the spring. Students meet and work with participants from other schools, while engaging in leadership activities and applying lessons learned to real-life, challenging leadership situations.

Each participating school is assigned two facilitators affiliated with the Creighton EDGE program and experienced in group facilitation, leadership development and working with students. All facilitators have advanced degrees. 

The goals of the program

During this program, students will:

  • Learn techniques for managing leadership situations, particularly as they relate to interacting with others, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, and becoming aware of the context surrounding leadership challenges
  • Identify specific areas of focus for their personal leadership development
  • Come to understand how their emotions impact their ability to be effective leaders in any setting—academic, professional and personal
  • Learn how to recognize the feelings of others and use this perspective to manage their relationships in a leadership environment

Program costs

Base fee: $200
Additional cost per participant: $20

This cost is inclusive of all materials, program sessions and attendance for registered participants at the Youth Leadership Symposium.