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Professional Development at Creighton University

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Through collaboration with campus partners, we focus on closing the skills gap. No matter what industry you represent, you and your career can benefit from our programs.

Build Stackable Badges and Credentials. Achieve Certification in Over 25 High-Quality Programs.

The greatest value of certificates, badges and credentials is that they demonstrate your specific competencies on a more granular level than degree programs. In a competitive job market, earning these achievements is one way differentiate yourself. Browse opportunities to earn certificates, badges and credentials:


A certificate is an educational achievement representing completion of specialized training at the college level for the corporate professional. Creighton University’s graduate certificates represent training at the master’s degree level, generally consisting of 12 to 18 semester units of coursework.

An accredited bachelor’s degree in a related field is a standard prerequisite for entry into a graduate certificate program. In most cases, the graduate certificate through Creighton University can represent part of the coursework required for obtaining a master’s degree.

Business Professionals

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The professional world uses credentials as evidence of completion of specific training or education programs. Creighton University offers boot camps and test preparation classes to help prepare professionals to successfully complete tests and exams, and to provide independent validation of possession of the knowledge, skills and ability necessary to practice a particular occupation competently. The issuing institution or association often maintains a record of the credential achieved.

Professional credentials are normally valid for a limited number of years, based on the pace of change in the certified profession. They may require periodic recertification through reexamination or continuing professional development.

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  • CFA Weekly
  • CFA Boot Camp


Badges are awarded through Creighton University to demonstrate mastery in a range of in-demand skills and competencies. Badges connect those verified skills to opportunities and promotion within organizations. The use of badges can also connect a progression of learning experiences, illuminate pathways to learners and more clearly demonstrate achievements in career development and workforce advancement. In addition, employees who earn badges for professional development are more engaged and remember what they’ve learned more, research proves.

Known, Trusted and Verified: through Credly

Digital badges have the greatest meaning when their source is known, trusted and verified. That’s why Creighton has partnered with Credly. When you see the Verified icon or official Verified seal on a Credly member’s badge, profile or website, it means that Credly has verified that the account belongs to the person or organization indicated.

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