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Victim Advocacy at Creighton University

In October 2018, NEVAA, a grant-funded program that brings training to students and professionals who work with victims of crime, became a Creighton University program. Today we offer nationally accredited training to students and professionals who work with (or will work with) victims of crime.

We currently offer our annual Nebraska Victim Assistance Academy – a 5-day, 40-hour training academy with academic course credits - as well as several different short courses throughout the year. The courses, and the Academy, are tailored to the needs of Nebraska victims and those who serve them. You’ll find comprehensive, academically based, fundamental education for all areas of victim advocacy. Topics include interpersonal and professional development, covering subjects like communication, empathy, professional advocacy, self-care and more.

The increasingly complex needs of crime victims have resulted in a demand for more coordinated and multidisciplinary approaches to training in the victim services field, and we’re committed to providing that training.

Please explore the annual Nebraska Assistance Academy, or our short courses, and decide which training is better suited for you.  

Annual Academy

The course curriculum is both broad and rigorous, covering over 25 topics. The Academy focuses on both interpersonal and professional development.  The development of interpersonal skills includes communication, empathy, professional advocacy, self-care and understanding traumatic reactions in the brain. Experts in their field also present on the latest research, legislation and practical resources to provide continuing professional development on a variety of crimes and other relevant issues. Topics include: maltreatment of children, sexual assault, human trafficking, immigration, technology-facilitated crimes, elder abuse and financial crimes, and coordinated community response, to name a few.

NEVAA’s annual summer Academy is a 5-day, 40-hour training academy, which provides extensive foundation-level training on a broad range of topics. NEVAA is a certificate program whose participants are eligible for 40 hours of continuing law enforcement units (CLEUs) or continuing education units (CEUs) for many of the disciplines involved in the academy. Those interested may also take NEVAA for 3 undergraduate course credits through Creighton University or the University of Nebraska at Kearney with proper registration and completion of the Academy and any additional course requirements.

NEVAA is a preapproved “A” level training with the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP) for those who are interested in national victim advocate accreditation. More information can be found on their website at

View an example of the NEVAA Academy Curriculum

Short Courses

Our short courses are typically a half-day. They provide extensive foundation-level training on a broad range of topics, and courses which are offered throughout the year. Topics include interpersonal and professional development, covering subjects like communication, empathy, professional advocacy, self-care and more.



The Nebraska Assistance Academy provides comprehensive, academically-based training of victim advocates and allied professionals in Nebraska. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of victims and those who serve them.

Learn more about our summer academy and the background of NEVAA in the video below.



The following videos have been used in our training sessions and may be of use to victim advocates in a variety of roles.

The History of Crime Victim Rights in Nebraska

Former Senator Carol Pirsch led the historical charge on victim rights in Nebraska. Here, she gives an in-depth look at those efforts. You can also find this video here: History of Crime Victim Rights in NE


What You Need to Know About Strangulation

Sue Michalski, RN, discusses the medical aspects of strangulation, questions advocates should ask regarding strangulation and more. You can also find this video here: Strangulation



“As a student, this really reignited my passion and reminded me why I chose this profession.” -NEVAA Grad, College Student

“Fantastic! Outstanding! Your concern for us having an exceptional Academy experience was evident in everything we did. A huge thank you!” -NEVAA Grad, Victim Specialist

“I am sooo motiviated now to be an educator in my community to bring an awareness of the needs of victims. I hope having this training will lend credibility when I talk to my community.” -NEVAA Grad, Counselor

“Very worthwhile event which gave me better tools to work with with my clients. Every module was very well presented and helpful. Dialogue among other participants was also great!!!” -NEVAA Grad, Mental Health Counselor

“I’ve learned more in this week than I have throughout the year I have been employed at my job. THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!!!” -NEVAA Grad, Advocate

“This training did exactly what it was trying to do: Bring together people who work with victims and teach how to help them. I think this Academy was run great! From the ease of check-in, to the food, to the quality of instructors, all expectations were met.” -NEVAA Grad, Law Enforcement

“This was great, even for a “seasoned” advocate like myself. This was a great experience!! Faculty and staff were very supportive and awesome.” -NEVAA Grad, Advocate

“This was a wonderful learning experience for me. I have a greater appreciation of the other entities and their role in advocacy.” -NEVAA Graduate

“I really enjoyed and learned so much from this training. It reminds me how much I need to do when I go back to work.” -NEVAA Graduate

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