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Standard Work

In this hands-on course, participants will learn to stabilize their current condition and use it as a springboard to evaluate all changes.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

This seminar focuses on how to develop and implement a strategic plan.

Strengthening Your Well-being and Resiliency

This interactive workshop focuses on strategies for improving or maintaining a high-quality level of well-being, as well as developing skills for stronger resiliency.

Supporting Non-Native English Speakers in the Classroom

This workshop will help teachers design course materials and teaching strategies that engage non-native English speakers’ prior knowledge in all academic areas.

Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics

This course explores the fundamental sources of business intelligence and surveys the new frontiers of data management and analytics.

Sustainability and Social Justice Teaching

Learn foundational frameworks of sustainability, including how the concept of sustainability aligns with Social Justice Teaching.

Technology and Communication at Work: Online Messages

This session will focus on developing quality emails, press releases, proposals, digital cover letters, resumes, and collaborating with colleagues in an online format.

Technology and Communication at Work: Speaking

In this session, we will discuss conducting online interactions, conducting business meetings, presenting to an online audience, and analyzing methods of overcoming public speaking anxiety.

The Catalyst Program

This comprehensive, national leadership development program is intended to identify aspiring Catholic school leaders and provide opportunities, through mentoring and immersion, for Catholic school leadership development.

The Human Capital Management Environment

This course presents the organizational context of human resource management, and its role in optimizing an organization’s capability to meet its business objectives and achieve its mission.

The Psychology of Family Finances

This course examines the practical application of financial psychology theory and technique to help improve client financial health.

The Psychology of Personal Finances

This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills so financial and business professionals can work effectively with clients.

The Resilient Educator

This workshop will discuss and provide an opportunity to practice self-care activities that educators can personally use to improve resiliency and well-being.

Time Management for Leaders

This course shows you how to take control of your daily life as a leader at work.

Utilizing Data to Drive Business Performance

This session explores the Big Data phenomena and provides attendees with an understanding of the role data plays in today’s leading organizations.