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Mastering Projects – Real World Agile in Practice

This course explores managing projects through the lens of a “Real World Agile” view.

Mediation Process

This online hybrid course introduces students to the theories, models, skills and techniques used in mediation, a major conflict engagement process.

Navigating the Multi-Generational Workplace

This interactive session will address the myths of “generational warfare” in the workplace and provide insight about each generation’s strengths, preferences, and communication styles. Special attention will be given to the millennial generation.

Negotiating the Deal

In this course, you will learn the five basic techniques for finding joint gain.

Nutrition for Chronic Disease (HWC 651)

Organizational Culture and Leading Change

In this seminar, participants explore organizational culture and how to lead a change initiative within an organization.

Physician Leadership Experience Accelerator Program (LEAP)

This program is an intensive one-year leadership program for physicians to develop and hone their skills as physician leaders.

Physician Resiliency and Well-Being

This six-month face-to-face course will use a combination of group and one-on-one meetings to educate and provide strategies that physicians can use to achieve a greater sense of well-being and resiliency at work and in personal life.

PMI ACP Agile Certified Practitioner

With this course, you will walk away with valuable course material, handouts and cheat sheets to support you on your projects.

PMP Exam Prep 6.0

This course fulfills the PMI® project management education requirements to take the PMP® exam.

Predictive Analytics

This course discusses the process of developing, evaluating and deploying predictive analytics models in an application-oriented environment.

Quick Changeover

This course covers the basic tools and process for applying an objective and measurable reduction in losses to critical resources due to changing from one product to another.

Resiliency, Grit and Happiness: The secret to your organization’s success

This interactive workshop focuses on helping employees improve resiliency for stronger organizational culture and employee performance.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

This course teaches basic techniques on identifying sources of conflict and effective management techniques to resolve them.

Root Cause Analysis and Mistake Proofing

Learn the definitions of Root Cause Analysis and Mistake Proofing, and learn to leverage visual tools for rapid team collaboration and quick consensus building for sustaining improvements through interactive teamwork.