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Happiness in the Workplace

This class will focus on strategies for improving or maintaining levels of resiliency and well-being.

Happy Teacher, Happy Classroom

Audience: K-12 teachers and administratorsonline icon for Creighton University
Method: Online course

Happy Teacher, Happy Classroom

Audience: K-12 teachers and administratorsonline icon for Creighton University
Method: Online course

Health Behavior Modification

This course studies behavior modification theories and techniques that can be applied to affect human behavior. It is part of the Lifestyle Medicine badge.

How to College

Students entering college can set themselves up for success with this workshop, whether they’re headed to Creighton or somewhere else.

How to High School

In this 3-day workshop, students entering high school for the first time can learn what to expect as they take the next step in their academic careers.

Ignatian Student Leadership

A program from the Creighton EDGE for area high school students.

IMPACT: Leading High Impact Teams

IMPACT is an intensive, innovative and collaborative program with an emphasis on strategically leading teams.

Innovation and Design Thinking

Learn industry proven methods for bringing innovation, creativity and design from theory to practice in this interactive course.

Intro to Gallup CliftonStrengths

We all have natural tendencies that affect how we see the world, communicate with people, enjoy our downtime and get work done. This workshop will help you explore the tendencies that drive you.

Introduction to Academic Service-Learning

This session will provide educators with the essential tools and fundamental concepts of service-learning.

Introduction to Business and Data Analytics

The course provides an overview of business analytics and introduces the concepts common to all modern statistical methods.

Introduction to Collaborative Care (IPE 004): For Educators and Clinicians

IPE 004 is an introductory course designed for faculty and health professionals to learn the basics about interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP) in a self-paced online format.

Introduction to Collaborative Care (IPE 500) for Students

This online, self-paced course provides a basic introduction to the concepts of interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP) for health professions students external to Creighton University.

Introduction to Design Thinking for Educators

Unleash your creative mindset and take your classes to the next level by learning the tools and methods professional designers employ to solve complex challenges.