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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Refresh Workshop

Audience: Professionals, executives, risk managers and administrators in every industry
Method: Online
Duration: 3 weeks (asynchronous)

Dynamics of Conflict Resolution

This online course examines the fundamental nature of conflict, particularly how conflict is defined by the interplay of power, communication and culture.

Educators Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

With an effective, well-thought-out self-care plan, educators can enhance their well-being and better show up in the classroom.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

This course offers a way to understand our emotions and those of others.

Engaging and Retaining Human Capital

This course is focused on evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s human resource programs in motivating and retaining employees.

ERP and Lean Basics

This course dives into the basics of ERP and Lean basics including the process related to ERP, ERP system transactions, production and scheduling.

Ethical Communication: First Advisor

This workshop explores why employees sometimes don’t speak up when it comes to ethical issues and how to counsel someone who makes a report.

Ethical Leadership

This workshop explores the dimensions of what it means to be an ethical leader and includes a self-assessment that will aid participants in discovering what kind of ethical leadership reputation they have.

Ethical Lens Inventory

This workshop will help participants identify their ethical lens and how to effectively use it with their teams.

Ethical Values Driven Leadership

This course examines ethics on a personal and practical level and takes a structured framework to evaluate the relevant organizational cases of participants and their business.

Executive Education Seminar in Strategic Planning

The content of this course is based on the collective experience of the experts within Horizon Strategies, made up of senior military leaders with extensive leadership, strategy and policy formulation.

Executive Healthcare Fellowship

For the experienced healthcare professional who desires a condensed, yet broad and comprehensive overview of the business of healthcare, the Heider College of Business at Creighton University offers an Executive Fellowship in Healthcare Management.

Financial Communication & Client Interviewing

This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills for personal financial planners, business professionals, coaches, counselors, and therapists to help them improve their client communication and interviewing skills.

Fiscal Leadership

This course covers factors leaders should consider when making tough fiscal decisions and how to determine which ideas are the best ones to implement from a financial standpoint.

Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

This workshop will highlight the most current approaches to understanding diversity and inclusion in education settings.