Innovation & Design Thinking

Innovation & Design Thinking
Monday, September 30, 2019 - Saturday, November 9, 2019

Audience: Anyone interested in learning the method of approaching challenges that addresses the needs of the audience and diversity of thought.
Method: Online
Instructor: Kathy Craig
Registration deadline: 9/29/19
Cost: $795

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Innovators such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are noteworthy for utilizing design thinking principals. Learn the same industry proven methods for synthesizing creative ideas that move beyond theory and into practice in this six-week, interactive course.

This badge program prepares leaders to apply innovative skills and to establish the groundwork that incorporates new solutions into the workplace. Whether in education, healthcare, business, technology or a non-profit organization, successful completion of this course will set you apart in your field as you become a catalyst that sparks new ideas.

Students will acquire the skills needed to drive better results by combining design thinking with analytical decision making. Design Thinking is the course you need to help you move from concept to conclusion and to solve complex challenges using empathy, compassion and technology!

What Makes Design Thinking Different
Design thinking focuses on people and not problems. This unique people-first approach to problem solving results in creative, innovative solutions that can revolutionize an industry. Integrating empathy as part of problem solving is also part of our Jesuit, Catholic tradition, and you’ll find our values incorporated into this engaging class.

Learn the Key to Design Thinking
The design thinking process is active, flexible and hands-on, fostering creative ideas that are rigorously tested. Design thinking can be applied to many challenges, such as finding new customers, developing new products or solving some of the world’s most complex problems. Used to create the first computer mouse, employed across industries and used to address social issues, design thinking requires hands-on application and creativity.

Our design thinking program focuses on collaborative and active learning and examines contemporary organizational challenges. Students will learn practical techniques, including empathetic research, redefining problems, innovation, ideation, rapid-prototyping and testing with examples to help them immediately approach their own challenges. The program includes:

  • Expert curated video presentations
  • Leading design and organizational research
  • Thought-provoking labs and activities
  • Diverse and engaging discussions
  • Practical projects and tool kits

Our lessons will introduce you to the design thinking process through team-based activities, case studies and real-world challenges, so you can become a design thinking champion within your organization. If you’re ready to take on complex issues–in a way that starts with the people, not the problem–this course is the place to be.

Looking for a customized course? partnerships [at] creighton [dot] edu (Contact us) to learn how we can help. Design thinking is applicable to a variety of fields, from health care to business to education, and our experienced instructors can provide just the training you need.