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If your organization is like most, projects have become an important vehicle for achieving company goals and more and more employees are being asked to lead or implement them. Effective project management requires an understanding of project-specific tools and techniques as well as leadership skills, business acumen, problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. Hiring for these skills and abilities is an option, but many organizations are opting to train high-potential employees who are already part of the company.

Our courses teach participants how to lead cross-functional teams and deliver exceptional outcomes. We have classes that cover the fundamentals of project management, and certification exam prep courses as well. Both new and experienced professionals can explore how to apply business acumen and project management tools and techniques to meet organizational strategic goals.

The courses offered through Creighton align with the industry-leading standard in project management, the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Classes are led by credentialed instructors who are actively engaged in the project management community and practitioners of the craft.

Employee Training Options

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Credentials through Project Management Institute

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Project Management Fundamentals

graduate certificate in project management

To add breadth and depth to their project management knowledge, your employees can take multiple courses to earn a graduate certificate in project management from Creighton University.

Badges in Project Management earn credit toward an MBA or MS-BIA. A Graduate Certificate in Project Management is earned by completing the Badge requirements and any two of the following courses for a total of 15 credits toward an MBA or MS-BIA:

  • MBA 771 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • BIA 782 - Data Base Management Systems
  • BIA 787 - Business Process Management
  • MBA 776- Business, Ethics & Society
  • CBI 505 - Introduction to Executive Leadership
  • CBI 506 - Advanced Executive Leadership
  • CBI 515 - Business Operations - Technical Focus
  • CBI 516 - Advanced Executive Operations

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